IMG_2749Impact capital is when you choose to invest in ways that have an impact on the things you care about.

It’s also the name of my blog.

I’m Mark C. Callaway and after 30 years in the financial services industry — the last 15 or so focused on investments that can make a social or environmental impact —  I decided to formalize my ramblings and share what I continue to learn. With you.

Clearly there’s a fundamental change in the way people are choosing to invest their money now. This blog is purely for sharing, educating and discussion, and not for doing business or giving investment advice, even though that’s my day job.

I’m doing this because it beats running around in the streets screaming about the amazing changes that are taking place in the world of investing and how important it is for everyone to pay attention. Not only would I be arrested or committed or both — and then what good would I be to my family and all my clients? —  but I wouldn’t be able to help inform people about how investors who choose Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and the more current moniker of Impact Investing are, quite literally, changing the world.

That’s right.

Changing the world. For the better. As an advisor to clients who are deeply interested in having their investment portfolios reflect their values in their, I pretty much live and breathe this stuff. I read and research and dive deeper than any normal person into the details about companies that are doing good while earning profits for their shareholders. I and thrilled to report that I have been seeing continual evolution since I started down this path. Investing to make an impact while you earn competitive returns isn’t a pipe dream. It’s real. And it’s big. It’s $XX big.

Maybe not in Georgia just yet but that’s a whole other discussion. It doesn’t matter what’s popular with your neighbors. What matters is that impact capital is here, it works and it gives you more power to make a difference than you may have ever thought possible.

I believe investors have a choice.

They can choose to embrace those organizations that promote the combination of Social Capital + Investment Capital = Impact Capital.

I also believe the approach of embracing responsible organizations will continue to gather steam and, in fact, be instrumental to the way that all of us can choose to invest before too long. Integrated Reporting — which is the integration of traditional annual reporting on financial performance with reporting on societal and environmental performance — will not only be SOP but it will be mandated.

My intent is to document these changes, here, as they happen and to continue to happen in the years ahead.

To be clear, once again, mc2 Impact Capital at www.markccallaway.com does not offer investment advice or recommend companies or organizations. It is not a business. It is a blog that (hopefully) starts conversations and serves as a valuable resource for you as you e learn about Impact Capital and how it’s changing the world.

I thank you for stopping by, and I encourage you to click around, comment on posts, send me ideas for other posts — and visit as many of the linked websites, papers and articles in the Resources section as you can. It’s good stuff.